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How To Read Betting Odds

This is why making a bet on a long shot early on can bring a potentially substantial payoff. At the beginning of the season, it isn’t entirely clear how well the team will do over the season, and so the odds are longer, offering higher rewards. If, over the course of the season, though, a team is showing that they’ve got a good chance of winning, the odds for them improve, the risk goes down, and the payoff gets smaller. Choosing exactly when to make this sort of bet is important. A minus sign at the beginning of odds means the team is favored to win. The number indicates how much someone would need to wager in order to win $100.

The payout is less backing teams with negative odds, but the probability of that team winning is greater. Odds can be shown in any of the three formats but they mean the same thing. They’re often posted based on the local preference – for example, expect American odds in America, decimal odds in Europe and fractional for futures and horse racing.

It’s worth checking out multiple online sports books just to ensure you are getting the best edge possible on your bet. A parlay bet allows a user to tie multiple wagering opportunities into one single bet. A parlay will offer significantly better odds depending on the number of wagers as well as their corresponding odds.

Specifically, the presentation of these odds square solely around wagering $100 on a given outcome. If that team wins, you would receive $100 plus your original investment back ($230 total). Finally, “futures” odds on teams, individual competitors, and Thoroughbreds are handicapped with the chances of each winning a championship. That trusty betting odds calculator has a lot more free “casino chips” to spread around in futures odds. But the chances of each bet winning tend to be far slimmer. Instead, any tie between teams is considered a “push” and all bets are returned in full.

With the initial stake of $100 being returned, it would make for a total payout of $800. Fractional odds are the ratio of the amount won to the stake; decimal odds represent the amount one wins for every $1 wagered. Since the two most popular types of odds are fractional and decimal, we will go into detail and explain how to correctly read them. For you to win a point spread wager, you must select the team has your selected outcome. In the above example, the (-2) indicates that the Patriots are the favorites and that they must win by more than 2 points for you to win on your bet. If the Seahawks lose by less then 2 points, and you’ve selected the Seahawks, you still win that bet.

Whole numbers, and easy-to-understand odds, are no longer accurate models of the likely outcome. The point spread is another form of betting odds that’s very similar to a moneyline bet. The difference is that in addition to predicting who will win the game, the point spread includes a margin of victory. In certain cases—such as in college basketball and college football—there is a huge discrepancy in talent between the two teams playing. In those cases, betting the moneyline is too obvious, because it is clear that one team will beat the other.

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